Lunar Boom Town/Boarding Habitat

This habitat rents short term and long term living volume to lunar workers and lunar settlers during their work shifts or initial arrival. Many workers and settlers may not wish to establish a private residence, preferring to depend upon our lunar housing specialists to assist them with their personal living arrangements.

Products and Services: Various size and privelege rooms. Hourly air rates, pay for what is used. Meals, pay for those consumed. Brown bag meals to carry to work. Laundry

This habitat has many of the same requirements, needs, capabilities and services of the Lunar tourist hotel but is more utilitarian in space and services available and thus more cost efficient.

Possibly Applicable Information Resources Edit

"Lunar Base Development Issues and Models[1]

Prototyping and analysis using available earth assets.[2]

Useful tasks necessary to project startup cashflow requirements Edit

Simulate a lunar landing from scratch to setup the first cabin space for rent to wealthy adventurous tourists. Possible approach below or devise your own or fork this one and tailor it to your satisfaction. Remember, first cuts do not need to be perfect. This is a wiki and we will collaboratively merge the best and rest is archived for us automatically in the history log.

Caution In an engineering simulation or role playing game it is necessary to avoid risks. Particularly potentially fatal risks. Never place any airtight material including plastic around the head or face. This can impair breathing and will be fatal. Keep plastic and airtight bags out of the hands of small children and supervise others adequately to avoid problems.

Draft Procedure Edit

Use two hiking tents, set one up in backyard. Load it up with the second tent and a simulated space suit (layers of fabric meeting simulated requirements, plastic for airtight, tight cotton/wool etc. for comfortable internal pressure liners, gloves, etc.) load small lightweight bag kits for everything you need to complete the mission -- medical kits, MREs(or bagged meals), coke bottles(oxygen), radio communicator (wireless to overhead satellite?), lights, heaters, radiators, etc.

  • Go through the mission plan step by step estimating time required to deploy the second tent and equip it as an initial rental/science base.
  • Estimate the total mass of payload too be delivered to the moon.

Remember, we are only setting up the office cabin and the rental cabin. We are contracting with Lunar Boom Town/Cargo Imports for cargo delivery to specified locations.