Lunar Boom Town/Air Plant

Background: Breathable air has specific ranges of content of oxygen, nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide.

Business Services:

Air Scrubber Technology[1] sounds like a spray nozzle, algae aquarium[2][3], and appropriate circulation, harvesting, back flush or filter scrubbing processes. Algae --> Fertilizer/Methane Digester or perhaps ethnanol/animal feed.
  • Monitor and alert for dangerous breathing conditions.
  • Sell excess H2O, CO2, impurities extracted from used air.

Pricing: Could be by volume of air processed or delivered or number of people/animals/plants serviced for a specified time period.

Capital Required: Air processing equipment. Gas reserve storage for O2,N,H2O,CO2. Air line or bottle delivery. Telemetry monitoring.

Possibly applicable technologies:

Acquiring initial and makeup stock of oxygen:

Acquiring initial and makeup stock of nitrogen:

  • Import from Earth
  • Recover from Earth imported materials ... i.e. food, fabric, cleaners, etc.