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Love is the feeling of liking somebody or something very much. Love usually has something to do with the chemical reactions in the brain.[1] There are many kinds of love. There can be self-love, love towards a friend, love in romance, towards family, toward God, or towards an object or idea.

The First Kiss of Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden.

Often love can be confused with other feelings. Being sexually or physically attracted is the feeling of lust, and most people do not think it is love. Besides that, normal friendship can be distracted by love. Sometimes, love can be destroyed. When love is destroyed between a dating couple, they may break up with each other.

Love is based on respect, understanding, and being able to talk with each other.

Chemical basis


The Biological model of sex is different from love because it is more like hunger or thirst. [2] Helen Fisher, an expert in the topic of love, divides love into three stages: lust, attraction, and attachment. Lust makes people like each other, romantic attraction encourages people to focus on mating, and attachment helps people tolerate the spouse (or the child).

Since these lust and attraction stages are both described as temporary, a third stage might describe long-term love. Attachment can be used to describe the bonding period that helps keep spouse and spouse together for many years. Attachment occurs in the longer term.

Love and health


Love has consequences for health and well-being. Joyful activities such as love activate areas in the brain responsible for emotion, attention, motivation and memory, and it may further lead to stress reduction.[3]

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Love ,one of the most complex things that has kept humankind together from the time immemorial holds different people. For some people it reduces stress and for some it increases blood pressure. Everyone has their own perception about Love.


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