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A musical technique where different layers of music in individual tempos, metric and musical style are combined in a simple pattern of chords, which slowly modulate through all the keys in a newer ending sequence, creating a music with no or very few dissonances.

The technique is developed by combining different musical methods used in older works.

  • Use of multiple layers of music, which have been an important part of the compositions since 2000.
  • A simple repeating sequence of chords as the only harmonic material in the piece, which creates a music on the move, in a never ending modulation from the start to the end.
  • A "rhythm across harmony" principle, where different together sounding motives are played in individual tempos across the rhythm of the chords.

2009 – Moto immoto, bar 77-
Martin Lohse, studio production with Vienna Symphonic Library
Moto immoto (2009) bar 77-79 for symphony orchestra: multiple layers
  • Layer A: Slow melody following the harmonic pulse in 5/4
  • Layer B: The basic harmony in 5/4
  • Layer C: Chords in the strings coming every second bar of the harmony (every 10/4)
  • Layer D: Small accompaniment figure in the wood playing in 3/4
  • Layer E: The same motive as in layer F, but offbeat in 3/4
  • Layer F: Motive in 4/4
  • Layer G: A resolute motive playing in 3/8
  • Layer H: Fast baroque figure in 6/16

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