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A gallery of Footprint CalculatorsEdit

Many ecological footprint calculators are available on-line. The assumptions they make and the limits they use differ widely. Some are based primarily on food production, others on energy production, and most consider atmospheric CO2 equilibrium the limiting factor. Here is a list of on-line footprint calculators.

  • The Personal Carbon Calculator is provided by Small World Consulting.
  • The Global Footprint Network ( aims to accelerate the use of the Ecological Footprint — a resource accounting tool that measures how much nature we have, how much we use, and who uses what.
  • The World Wildlife Fund provides a calculator oriented toward living in the UK.
  • WattsOn ( calculates your energy consumption in watts (per always) and compares it to a global capacity of 2255 watts per person (15 terawatts / 6.65 billion people). Using an approximate conversion factor of 10 Kilowatt-hour / day ≈ 1 Tonne CO2 / year, the 2255 watts corresponds to approximatly 5.4 Tonnes CO2 per year. [figure out an equivalence in gha]
  • ClimateCare ( is owned by JPMorgan Chase & Co. and sells carbon offset credits.
  • The CarbonNeutral Company ( measures carbon footprints, sells carbon offsets, and consults with companies that want to reduce the carbon emissions.
  • Earth Day Network ( was founded on the premise that all people, regardless of race, gender, income, or geography, have a moral right to a healthy, sustainable environment. Their footprint calculator expresses the results in terms of the number of equivalent earths it would require to sustain everyone on the planet living like you do.
  • ( is a project of the World Resources Institute. They work putting environmental issues on the international agenda.
  • BP ( is a petroleum energy company.
  • The TravelMatters Individual Calculator ( measures how much greenhouse gas you generate as a result of your daily transportation activity.
  • The ClimateCrisis site ( describes how their calculations are performed.
  • Conservation International ( is working to help societies adopt a more sustainable approach to development—one that considers and values nature at every turn.
  • Carbon Footprint Ltd ( provides Carbon Management services
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency ( ) website includes a Household Emissions Calculator. The calculations and references used are conveniently summarized.
  • ( provides a practical guide to green living through community interaction, exclusive environmental news, advice from experts and key analysis.
  • Trees, Water & People ( is nonprofit organization that was founded in 1998 by Stuart Conway and Richard Fox, and is staffed by conservationists helping communities to protect, conserve, and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends.
  • Co2nsensus ( is a climate tech company, we have been developing software for businesses and individuals to fight climate change. We also deliver consultancy services for top fashion brands, chemical industries, and many others. We have developed a carbon offset calculator for flights, cars, shipping, events and homes aswell.