Tibetan language/Wiki and Wikiversity crash course

A number of tools will be placed on your Wikiversity User Pages. Use these tools. That said, there is salience and practical benefit to getting your hands into editing and learning immediately without doing the theory. Simply edit every page you come to and notice the code. Just one piece of code that has practical benefit to you. Then go back to resource view and notice what the code yields. Take notes within your weblogs. Practical tip, i find it very handy to have notebook or notepad open on my computer and copy, paste and type information in that. I then use the Alt+<<Tab>> function to cycle through applications that are open. Do this every time you log on and 5 minutes of active exploration will yield pattern recognition and build the causes of memory retention and efficient encoding. Also remember to read slowly but surely the articles on Wikiversity how-to-do's and make salient notes on your weblog page to assist all the other team members, remembering to capture and secure the links for these pages so others may more easily follow your exploration. If you are concerned or self-conscious with your spelling and grammar do not be. This is a developmental process. We all have different knowledges and abilities. We are here at Wikiversity to support each others learning, not to make value judgements. If you feel something should be on a page or in a curriculum add it! Make a note and use the edit summary to add what you have done. I have not used the edit summary as yet as it would be too cumbersome in setting up these pages but as a matter of courtesy to the team when we all start contributing I will most definitely do so.

Readings edit

Activities edit

Creating pages in Wikiversity edit

You effectively created a page in Wikiversity when you created a weblog as an addendum to your Wikiversity Userpage.

Creating categories in Wikiversity edit

A category is a grouping tool. Categories in Wikiversity, actually this holds true throughout all the Wikipedia ventures, is a way of associating pages that bare a common relationship or are grouped for a certain purpose.

When creating any pages in relation to our learning objective please place the following category code at the bottom of the page:

  • [[Category:Tibetan language]]