The Legacy Cycle is a process students go through in order to solve a problem. We plan on introducing our students to the process as early on during their education as possible so that they may eventually use this process habitually when solving problems. In this process, the student is first given the problem and asked to generate ideas for this problem and converse with others to improve their ideas by focusing on the “best” answers. Next, a solution is chosen, researched, and modified. This solution is then tested and perfected such that the final answer can be presented to the class. The student will then be asked to evaluate their own work and provide suggestions for others who may be presented with the same problem in the future.

Curriculum Development Process


Legacy Cycles Challenge Based Instruction modules will be designed such that the instructor will

  1. Analyze course and module objectives
  2. Develop the taxonomy of knowledge for the course
  3. Analyze student needs and obstacles to learning
  4. Design instruction for a legacy cycle for each challenge, methods for students to generate ideas, materials for multiple perspectives, and research and revise activities
  5. Develop formative assessment
  6. Develop summative assessment instruments utilizing all 3 levels of questioning