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There are too many platforms and languages with multithreading support. Let's first of all bring here the books which matter, rather than yet another boring platform-specific manual.

  • "The Little Book of Semaphores", Allen B. Downey [get free] -- good for acquiring an intuition on solving of basic (and not so basic) synchronization problems using old good semaphores.
  • "The Art of Multiprocessor Programming", Maurice Herlihy, Nir Shavit  [amazon] -- this book is mostly dedicated to the lock-free synchronization and other advanced topics rather than basic synchronization methods.
  • Any good book on condvars?

Frameworks? Edit

OpenMP, MPI, TBB, TPL, Cilk, Cilk plus, OpenCL, PPL, ParaSail, GCD, fork/join, AMP, CnC, PBB, ArBB, PPL

Platform and language specific stuff. Edit

  • Concurrent programming in Erlang, Future Learn [link]
  • Bartosz Milewski - Parallel and Concurrent Haskell [link]

Distributed Programming Edit

Video Courses Edit

  • Seif Haridi. Distributed Algorithms. [video]
  • CS 436: Distributed Computer Systems, University of Waterloo [video]
  • Cloud Computing Concepts, University of Illinois, coursera.org [link]

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LearnIt/Operational Systems

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  • Linux Fundamentals, Prof. Dan Alberghetti [link]

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This page is either for interesting languages or interesting resources. Please no yet another "learn smth in # days". Good introductory courses are still welcome. Preferably, no materials for beginners like "smth as your first language".

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  • Video Lectures by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman [link]

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