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Purpose of this pageEdit

This page is a cover page and information centre for all wanting to study the Finnish language. Here you can find links to several wiki resources and other non-commercial, freely available materials

In Finnish we can say it   Opiskelemme suomea ' (we are learning/studying Finnish).

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction level
    1. Common phrases
    2. Introduction
    3. The_Finnish_Alphabet from Wikibooks
    4. Finnish language, article in Wikipedia
    5. Introduction to Finnish under English Wikibooks
  2. Finnish words
    1. Finnish wiktionary search and index page
    2. Alphabetical index of Finnish words in Wiktionary
  3. Finnish Grammar
    1. Finnish grammar, article in English wikipedia
  4. Listening to Finnish
    1. Finnish dialogues for beginners
    2. Listening to Finnish A guide with audio samples as an introduction to the Finnish language
    3. Audio files under the category Finnish pronunciation in Wikimedia commons
  5. Resources in Finnish
    1. Suomen kieli käyttöön contains some practical texts and explanations in Finnish for students of the language.
    2. Äidinkieli under Finnish wikibooks is a resource mainly for native speakers but will benefit advanced students as well
  6. Resources in other languages
    1. Учим финский язык Russian wikibooks hosts a Finnish language course for Russian-speaking audience with some audio examples.