Knot theory

Welcome to the Wild World of Knots!

A three-dimensional depiction of a thickened trefoil knot, the simplest non-trivial knot

The goal of this page is to provide a place to collaborate in creating new learning materials for this new and burgeoning area of mathematics with applications as diverse as biochemistry and string theory. Formally, knot theory is the study of isotopies of closed curves in space. As with all mathematical fields of interest, however, it has grown beyond that strict definition. If you know knots, feel free to write up some lessons or materials!


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Recommended Reading MaterialEdit

If you want to learn knot theory, you have to do some knot theory! While this site provides a supportive community of peers and teachers, you also need a well-organized and well-written text that you can study anywhere to learn from those actively participating in the field.

  • Adams, Colin. (2004). The Knot Book American Mathematical Society. ISBN 0821836781