Journalism studies and Wikinews/Assignment

Throughout the session you should research and write a 250 word news story, then as soon as possible nominate it to the "edit room" on Wikinews or Spotus community generated news. The story might be originated, for instance, from cables on Wikileaks. Once you nominate the story to the "edit room" on Wikinews, or similar site, this calls on the Wiki-volunteers to review the article and give feedback. Such participation brings understanding of social news media dynamics, of WikiMedia Commons (a great place to source free media, and meet photographers, videographers and graphic designers), of the Wikinews volunteers and it brings an understanding of the Wikinews policies and criteria in terms of citizen journalism.

Assessment edit

Assessment 3: Wikinews - "Oh my news"

Marking: Marked out of 100 - 30%

Format edit

The assignment is essentially the 250 word news story that must be started early in the session (with evidence of its research and writing), coupled with a record of all URLs and online participation in submitting the story to the "edit room" on Wikinews or Spotus community generated news. Your assignment must show clear evidence of all online dialogue, URLs and volunteer feedback in your submitting the story.

Assessment Criteria edit

Assessment will be based on originality, clarity, accuracy, independence and newsworthiness of your story. Quality of research and evidence in checking for veracity will be taken into account: in reliability and status of sources, in working within the law and in working ethically, in conducting yourself in a professional and independent manner with the Wiki-volunteers and in your meticulous record keeping of the process.

Resources edit