JavaScript is part of the requirement for web-technology learning. It is specifically useful for web design. JavaScript is a dialect of ECMAScript which is based on root computing languages such as C. Studying the related languages will give you the student advanced standing in JavaScript. However, some conventions are/were unique to JavaScript.

  • From a computer science perspective, JavaScript is a language standard which a graduate programmer should be able to employ/deploy as an application. Building a minimal JavaScript engine should require no more than two weeks work in a language such as C++. However, developing a good application may require a bigger collaboration. (Consult the standards for this task).
  • JavaScript can be wrapped in other languages for the deployment of applications to several technologies.
  • JavaScript can be used to design games, databases, or servers.
  • ActionScript utilizes ECMAScript for timeline technology as used in animation.
  • JavaScript is not just a trivial project/design language. It can be used for enterprise and industry wide projects and collaborations. A JavaScript expert could be required to undertake all/any level(s) of enterprise related training to handle the use of JavaScript for their professional employment.