This page is intended to house external materials and tools relating to the Ithkuil languages.

Ithkuil IVEdit

Official documentationEdit

Design For The New Revision Of Ithkuil 0.19.0

Lexical Roots For The Ithkuil Revision 0.5.1

VxCs Affixes For Ithkuil IV 0.7.5

Phonotactic Rules For The Ithkuil Successor Language 0.5.4

Ithkuil IIIEdit

Official documentationEdit

A Grammar of Ithkuil, a Constructed Philosophical Language

Ithkuil I & Ithkuil II (Ilaksh)Edit

Official documentationEdit

A Philosophical Grammar of Ithkuil, a Constructed Language