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This is a project that aims to collect scientific evidences to the claim that the Qur'an is the word of God or that it is the most probable to be so among any other book that their followers claim it to be the word of God.

Areas of Research


Find evidence to what is unique about the Qur'an among other books, like:

1. The Qur'an explicitly provides a falsifiable test for this claim--it literally challenges all humanity to come with a book like itself or even one chapter of which. Any work that can stand such a test should include all the following features as well.

2. The Qur'an explicitly claims itself to be the word of God.

3. The Qur'an speaks as God in the first person.

4. The miracle of the strength and beauty of the language that challenged the pioneers of poetry and prose at the time to produce one verse of its like and they never tried and they either converted on the spot or resisted with violence.

5. No other person in history or in contemporary times we know as much authentic info about his life like Muhammad, the prophet who proclaimed the Qur'an (review "History of God" for Karen Armstrong)

6. The Qur'an is authentic and has not gone through the slightest change. Prove to this is available from Western Orientalists who failed to prove otherwise despite their desperate efforts (research Orientalists and Qur'an).

7. The Qur'an provides a system of laws and moral codes for both the individual and the state. It discusses the economy, government system, foreign policies, education, judicial system, family relations...etc.

8. Those systems were effective and actually succeeded to be the constitution for the the fastest expanding and the largest political entity on earth--the Islamic state, a state that made one of the largest contribution to humanity, especially in terms of science, a state that had its majority and leadership mostly of non-Arabs (review Western accounts of the history of Islam, such as Oxford history of Islam).

9. The Qur'an contains various explicit bold prophecies that were fulfilled during the life of Muhammad and later on (the collapse of the Farisi empire in few years, the Jews taking over Al-Aqsa mosque...etc)

10. The Qur'an contains numerous explicit scientific references that many were discovered just lately. Some of which, like embryology ones were adopted by Western scientists and included in text books. Review "Qur'an, the Bible and Science", "The Amazing Qur'an" for Gary Miller and Harun Yahwa works as a start.

11. Many mathematical wonders (number of verses and words...etc) that were discovered lately after the Qur'an was indexed on computers.

12. The only book that such a large number of people (1.4 billion so far) unanimously agree that it is the literal word of God with no dispute on one letter.

13. The proclaimer of the book is evidently illiterate.

14. The only book that literally does claim that it itself is the evidence to the prophecy of the proclaimer and truth of its message.

You are welcome to suggest more evidence or suggest an idea that needs a rebuttal. The work should consider English sources as a higher priority, otherwise, consider an authentic translation.