Is a world government desirable?

A world government, or global government, is the concept of a single political authority for all humanity. Its feasibility and institutional framework are uncertain, but is it even desirable? Is it the way to lasting peace and global solutions? Or would it lead to a dystopian nightmare?

A world government is desirableEdit

  •   Argument for A world government would allow us to deal with problems that are global in nature, such as global warming, climate change, ocean and air pollution, pandemics and others.
    •   Objection There're other ways to deal with such problems that don't require a world government, such as international treatises, free-market, activism, etc.
  •   Argument against A world government would make a world dictatorship possible.
    •   Objection A world government would incorporate every political mechanism known to make such dictatorships virtually impossible.
    •   Objection An unpopular world government would eventually fall.
    •   Objection World dictatorships are possible even without a world government, as has been suggested multiple times by near-global empires such as the British.
      •   Objection Even if world dictatorships are possible without world governments, they are more likely when the whole world has one government.
  •   Argument for Besides more effective coping with climate, pollution and pandemics:
  • world peace;
  • no armies (only police), no weapons of mass destruction (=economic bonus);
  • free movement of people (no entry permits);
  • free circulation of goods (no border tax);
  • rational network of transport (like trans-continental highways and railways);
  • world football superleague above national leagues.


  •   Argument against A world government is not feasible so we should not pursue or even desire it.
    •   Objection Why is it not feasible?
    •   Objection The UN becoming world government is unfeasible.
    • World governement established in the traditional (imperial) way is feasible and probable, though in my 2023 estimation not yet foreseeable.

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