Irish Language/Words and Music

Core Vocabulary
ag at (prep.)
[used with "bí" to express "have"
an the (singular definite article)
Is...? (interrogative copula)
do your (possessive pronoun)
í she (pronoun)
is Is (copula)
and (short form of "agus")
mo my (possessive pronoun)
na the (plural definite article)
ó from (prep.)
oh! (interjection)
tabhair give (verb)
you (pronoun)

Welcome to Irish Words and Music, a collection of resources for learning song lyrics in the Irish language.

The goal of Words and Music is to give Irish language learners the tools they need to build an Irish language playlist, or add individual Irish language songs into your daily playlist. Listening to music in a language you're studying is a great way to add repetitive practice that doesn't feel like drilling flashcards.

Below is a list of songs. For each song, there is a page that includes:

  • Complete Irish lyrics (for songs in the public domain only)
  • The vocabulary you will need for each song, organized by verse
  • Notes on aspects of the language that may be tricky for language learners
  • Links to recordings on legal, non-Wiki sites to help you build an Irish language playlist

To avoid too much repetition, each song assumes you are already familiar with some of the most common Irish words and phrases. A complete list of this basic vocabulary is given in this page's sidebar.

The Songs edit

Traditional Irish Songs edit

Traditional songs from the island of Ireland.

Peata Beag (Little Pet)
A simple traditional song with a repeated chorus, great for beginners.

Modern Irish Music edit

Pop, rock, and hip-hop originally written as Gaeilge.

Tír na Nóg (The Land of Youth)
A 1986 track by gaeilgoir synth-rockers Na Fíréin, based on the folktale of Oisín and Niamh.

Irish Covers edit

English-language or other songs that have been recorded in Irish translations by TG Lurgan, Ceol, or others.