Introductory Ancient Greek Language edit


Welcome to the course Introductory Ancient Greek Language.

Greek was the lingua franca of the Mediterranean world from the rise of the Hellenic states after the Persian War until the rise of Rome. Its basis as the uniting factor of the Greek city-states makes knowledge of the language and its history vital to an understanding of the rise of Greek culture in the Western World.

This course will prepare students to read Classical Greek texts by building a solid foundation in rudimentary grammar and vocabulary, as well as give a broad overview of its history. It will begin on a very basic level, so if you have some experience you may choose to move on to a more advanced course, or assist in lesson plans with this one. However, even a seasoned reader of Greek may benefit from a basic review.

If you're coming here with no experience of the Ancient Greek Language then congratulations on your choice to begin learning it! You are in for an exciting adventure that will not only give you knowledge of a new language, but a new way of thinking.

The course will be divided into several important divisions each one hopefully no longer than four lessons followed by a review. The goal is to prepare the student with a foundation in Classical Greek, on which he or she can later build a higher fluency.

Student Questions edit

If you happen to become stumped or just have a general question out of curiosity, then feel free to message any recent active member involved in creating this course. I intend to add much more to this page, but I don't have a huge amount of time to work on it. I am looking into adding some exercises for translation and adding some study guide outlines to later pages.

Alphabet, Breathing's, Accents, Articles edit

After having completed these first four lessons hopefully the student will be able to read and write with Greek characters. Some vocabulary will be introduced but the goal will be to familiarize yourself with understanding the alphabet in order to begin learning the language.

Introduction to Verbs and Nouns edit

  • Lesson 5 - Present, Active and Middle-Passive, Indicative
  • Lesson 6 - First and Second Noun Declensions
  • Lesson 7 - Basic Prepositions, Negation
  • Lesson 8 - Present Indicative of "To Be"
  • Review

Verb Forms of the Present Active Indicative edit

This is about the middle point of this course. After this there remain the rest of the first declension, and the third, and various other syntax related concepts such as relative pronouns and compound verbs and such. The remainder of the course will be written after these first three lesson plans have been completed.

Please place any questions or concerns on the discuss page for this portal or message me directly via my talk page, I only recently took up this project after finding it alone for so long, so I'd love to hear your input or address any questions you may have. Wobblywatch (discusscontribs) 00:23, 8 April 2019 (UTC)

Typing Greek Text and Word List edit