Introduction to psychology/Psy102/Assessment/Essay/General feedback/Pain

General feedback for the pain topic essays edit

Overall the essays on this topic did a good job of answering the essay question. Many essays neglected to use critical thought and evaluation, so be sure to comment on the studies and information you present, what are the strengths and weaknesses? Finally, to receive a good grade the essays were required to:

  1. Define pain is some meaningful manner (some people noted the distinction between chronic and acute pain, and others noted that pain is not only a sensation but also a perception)
  2. Then the essay was required to discuss a range of psychological treatments which can assist people with pain management (some treatments you could have mentioned included but are not limited to: cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, relaxation techniques, hypnosis, behavioural techniques, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, meditation, and client centered therapy)
  3. You also needed to then assess and critique how effective each treatment you discussed is (to do this effectively most people used the results of relevant research studies, preferably journal articles)
  4. Finally you were required to use theory and research to support your points (some theories people used included but are not limited to: gate control theory, evolutionary perspective, and biopsychosocial model).