Introduction to Robotics/Sensors/Lab/Teachers


There are various sensor packages available, some specifically for the BoeBot, and some that can be modified to work with the BoeBot. This lab will be broken into various sections depending on what sensors are available for use. The instructors will be able to mix and match lab activities from different sections to produce a complete lab, or multiple labs.


There are multiple types of sensors available, some from the Parallax website, and some others from other vendors. There are various types of sensors available, and we will give some examples of what to get and where to get them from:

  • Parallax Sensor Kit includes ultrasonic (distance) sensor, dual-axis accelerometer, electric compass, and LCD display.
  • IR Remote Kit includes an IR remote control and an IR receiver

The lab assignment this week is going to be broken into a number of different parts, depending on what kinds of sensors and additional parts are available to the students.