Introduction to Robotics/Project Ideas

This page is going to list some possible projects that students can do with BoeBots and various additions (such as sensors and actuators). Project ideas will be broken down into three categories: Class projects (for all students in a class), Group projects (for small teams of students) and individual projects. It will be up to the instructor to determine whether students can select their own ideas, or whether the projects will be assigned.

Class ProjectsEdit

Follow the leaderEdit

Each student or each group of students must use Infrared sensors to develop a tracking robot. The robot must be able to track and follow a moving target. The professor will program a robot to move slowly but randomly around a small course. All the robots of the students will be lined up behind the teacher's robot. The test is to see if all the other BoeBots can follow the robot in front of them, creating a robotic conga-line.

Group ProjectsEdit

Individual ProjectsEdit

Wired ControllerEdit

Use a cheap wired controller, such as a mouse, a keyboard, a joystick, or a game controller to create a "remote" for the BoeBot. BoeBot should be able to go forward, backward, left, or right on command. If additional buttons are available, you can use them to control actuators, or to alter the robot's speed.

Maze NavigationEdit

Using a sensor such as an ultrasonic sensor, create a robot that can navigate a maze. The paths in the maze should all be wide enough so that the robot can easily fit down any path. Robot should navigate the maze using sensor data, not preprogrammed maps.