Introduction to Robotics/Memory and Learning/Lab/Students


In this lab, we will be using learning techniques and sensors to enable our robot to navigate a maze. The best robots will have two modes: An exploration mode where the robot explores the maze and creates an internal map of it, and a map-solving mode where the robot uses it's maps to navigate the maze quickly and efficiently.

In order to perform this task, the student must:

  1. Have good, reliable routines for traveling a fixed distance and turning 90° to the left and right. Turns and measurements should be precise.
  2. Have good, reliable routines for operating the ultrasonic sensor, including routines to turn the sensor 90°, and converting sensor readings into reliable distance measurements. This may require the student to take temperature measurements and make calculations concerning the speed of sound.
  3. Be proficient in the use of loops, branches, subroutines, and arrays.