Introduction to Robotics/Control Flow/Lab/Teachers

The final result will be a program that can follow a complicated path without needing to be entirely reprogrammed. We will use this program, or modified versions of it in later labs. Ensure that all students properly save their files and notes so that they can be used later. If necessary, ask your students for a digital copy (either saved on a disk, or sent to you via email) for safekeeping.

Pre-Lab PreparationEdit

  1. Ensure that all the students have their BoeBots.
  2. Check that all the computers in the lab are operational, turned on, and have the Basic Stamp software loaded on them
  3. Draw a 12-foot straight line on the ground, using chalk or tape for the robots to follow.

Lab AssignmentEdit

The students are going to do many exercises that are the same from the previous lab, but using different method. It is important that when you check an accomplishment, that you look at the code to make sure that the students used the correct techniques. If the student uses the wrong code techniques, you can say "this is good, but I want to see if you understand the other techniques".

Here is a checklist, you can print out a copy for each group and check them off individually as they complete tasks.


For the last item, Check the code to ensure that the student has not deleted or modified the lines from the provided code, but instead that the student has only added new code to make the robot work.

Finishing EarlyEdit

Common QuestionsEdit