Introduction to Non-Genetic Darwinism/Conclusion



Although it is too early to say that this theory is proven, or even accepted by a wide scientific audience, what I hope I have shown, is that at a very early point in the development of the Universe, a relatively simple algorythm that is at least similar in nature to Darwinism, and the natural mechanisms by which Energy and Entropy interact, might explain almost all forms of self-organization, and the existence of all forms of Order within the Universe. This theory would be Quantum Safe, in that it depends on the Quantum Uncertainty to operate, And it divorces the concept of breaking down of complexity into simpler forms from direct dependency on Entropy, and links it, and the precipitation of order to the Energy/Entropy balance. As a result, either an increase in entropy or an increase in energy, can act to create a condition in which the Energy/Entropy balance favors the precipitation of order out of chaos, and either an increase in energy or an increase in entropy can act to create a condition in which the Energy/Entropy balance favors the breaking up of order into chaos, Further both can be happening simultaneously, depending on the local Energy/Entropy balance. I also postulate that Equilibrium in this case represents a state where energy and entropy are in balance and so no new order is being created and no existing energy states are being broken down into smaller simpler entities.

If this thesis is correct, then Darwinism is a much more useful tool than ever even Darwin thought, since it helps us explain the presence of self-organization outside of biological systems, or in ways that Genetic Selection cannot explain inside biological systems as well as it's conventional role in explaining the process of speciation that is so dependent on Genetics.


  • Consider, in the light of this re-interpretation of Entropy How does it affect our expectations as to the nature of the Energy Death of the Universe, other than delaying it?
  • Consider, what metric should we use to define the Energy/Entropy Balance? Do we have a way of Measuring The Entropy state of the Universe? The big bang is thought to be a phase change, that happened early in the history of the Universe, What Energy/Entropy balance is likely to have caused the Big Bang?
  • Consider, in Galaxy Formation, the fact that there are more galaxies in the Universe than we expected, indicates that the Universe has stayed longer in which type of Energy/Entropy balance, Precipitation of Order, or Breaking Down into smaller elements?
  • Consider, if the Universe is still expanding, then can the First Law of Thermodynamics be correct? Energy can neither be created or destroyed, the law says. If the Universe is expanding faster than predicted, and the trend is still towards the precipitation of order, then where is all the energy coming to keep the Energy/Entropy balance towards the Order precipitation side of the equation?
  • Consider, the Power curve, if the Energy/Entropy balance follows a power curve, what does this tell us about the relative speed of Energy Growth and Entropy Growth? Is Entropy growth sometimes faster than energy growth? Why?

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