Introduction to Italian/Lesson 9

The Second Conjugation (-ere)Edit

Infinitive verbs in the second conjugation all end in -ere. Most of them conjugate regularly (according to the chart below) but there are more irregularities than the first conjugation.

Mont Bianco (Mount White).
St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
Infinitive -ere
First Person -o
Second Person -i
Third Person -e
First Person
Second Person
Third Person

Here is an example of how verbs ending in -ere conjugate.

Complete Word
Infinitive leggere
First Person leggo
Second Person leggi
Third Person legge
First Person
Second Person
Third Person

Some Basic Verbs in the Second ConjugationEdit

Here are a few basic -ere verbs to help build your vocabulary.
chiedere – to ask (for)
chiudere – to close
conoscere – to know
credere – to believe
decidere di (+ infinitive verb) – to decide to do something (io decido di prendere un gelatoI’m deciding to get an ice cream)
discutere (di) – to discuss (noi discutiamo di politicawe are discussing politics)
leggere – to read
mettere – to put, to place
perdere – to lose
prendere – to take, to have (as in have some food or have a drink), to get
ricevere – to receive
rispondere – to answer
scrivere – to write
spendere – to spend (money)
vedere – to see
vendere – to sell