Internet and Project Competence/schedule

Time Schedule

week activity
  • Survey students using www.
  • Introductions via the wiki – Instructors will include a description of their teaching program at their university as part of their personal introduction. Students will include where they are from, some information about themselves (hobbies, things they like to do, pets, etc.), any traveling they have done outside their own country, and any foreign languages they speak. They might also include information about what they want to teach.
  • Introduce the topic – Teaching in Elementary/Primary Schools – Curriculum, Instruction, and Lesson Planning
Possible sub-topics: curriculum in the schools, methods of teaching, training for teaching, lesson planning, role of assessment, guidance from school districts in planning for instruction, role of technology for teachers and for students
  • Put students into groups. Instructors will make the groups and post list.
Germany (11) + Bulgaria (5)
USA (43)
Groups should be made of one Bulgarian or one German plus 2-3 Americans
  • Provide a common reading for discussion later.
  • Assist students as they begin KWL chart and decide on topic of study. Post charts to the web.
  • Groups will begin their research.
  • Begin whole group discussions on common reading.
  • Continue group research and discussions.
  • Work on project (PowerPoint)
  • Complete projects and KWL chart
  • Share projects via the web and in classes.
  • Complete online survey.