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  • Mark A. Rhoden
  • Sidney L. Truesdale

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2.Discussion Board edit

Group Four Talks!

Topics that we are currently discussing:

  • 21st Century Skills
  • Penpals
  • International Projects
  • Areas of Specialization for Elementary Teachers

3.KWL Chart edit



  • Concentrations for UNC-Charlotte Students
  • Concentrations areas include English and Communications, Mathematics, Social Studies, Visual and Preforming Arts, Science, and International Studies.
  • Your concentration can include two areas of specialization


  • No concentration/specialization for German Students
  • Specialization available through further trainings in Germany
  • International Projects in Elementary/Primary Classrooms
  • PenPals
  • Where are the differences in areas of specialization between Germany and USA
  • Are there different concepts of the term "specialization"?
  • Which "areas of specialization" exist in the USA? Are there specializations available through further trainings? Is there specialization in the elementary teacher education in the USA?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of specialization in both Germany and the U.S.?
  • Without areas of specialization what is a teacher cabable of??
  • How do we decide what to specialize in?
  • Are some subjects more important to specialize in than others?
  • How do we accommodate for our lack of knowledge in areas we are not specialized in?
  • Is there specific training for teachers in Germany to help teachers teach certain subjects
  • What subjects do you teach on a daily basis in Germany

  • Germany looks at specialization as taking classes to specifically teach in certain areas
  • North Carolina, USA looks at specialization in terms of concentration and are extra classes taken in order to be a mini-expert on a subject. This is part of the initial lincensure/teaching certificate.
  • These sorts of international projects can be helpful for all of our future students to engage in. These projects help with global awareness and respect of other cultures.
  • To build our knowledge in the area we are not specialized in there are workshops,classes can be taken, talk to advisors for suggestions, gain knowledge through tutoring.

4.Outline of Our Project's Power Point Presentation edit

  1. Areas of specialization for elementary teachers
  2. Different meanings in USA and Germany
  3. German Specializations with further trainings
    1. School psychologist
    2. School counsellor
    3. Special needs teacher
    4. Teacher for talent encouragement
  4. American Specialization without further trainings
  5. How to be knowledgeable in areas that you do not specialize in.
  6. German (Bavarian) requirements for teacher lisensure in primary
  7. North Carolina requirements for teacher lisensure in primary
  8. Concluding Slide
  9. Sources Used

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