Internet and Project Competence/description

Course Description

to put it into a nutshell... edit

The course „Internet- and Project-Competence“ has been designed to bring students to carry out real projects and to develop their communication-skills in order to enhance the flow of information between young people world wide. Within one semester, the students will

  • create an online community with international partners and search for information
  • carry out their projects (often combined with an excursion)
  • present the results of their projects on a website

Objectives edit

The main objective of IPC is to make students carry out projects collectively and to communicate with each other in order to produce knowledge. This meta-objective can be split up into the following items:

  • Capacity for teamwork
  • Capacity to resolve conflicts
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Planning skills
  • Communicative competence
  • Initiative
  • Web 2.0 literacy

Course outline edit

Phase 1

  • Choice of a topic/country and formation of an online community
  • Drafting a thesis, developing a research design (questionnaires, interviews)
  • Preparation of the excursion/investigation

Phase 2

  • Students carry out projects, prove/disprove the validity of their thesis,
  • upload of the results in a self-created website,
  • and present their website to the public.


Having passed the module, students may obtain the “IPC Certificate“, which assesses students‘ internet- and project competences (such as capacity for teamwork, communicative competence etc.)