International law/Human Rights

Human Rights edit

Human rights. Human rights as the word in itself are very powerful. it can be translated into many different languages. But, the very most common interest is the idea of the political and moral beliefs of our humanity. Human rights set off a very broad concept of what it truly means to share our values, as they are gifted in our lives. human rights are defined as to be a right that is guaranteed to each and everyone one of us, that is not defined by where or who we are and where we come from. Religion, Race, region, and nations, are all considered in the categories of human rights that should be protected. media and other sources highlight the importance of our living conditions and how they can be upheld in every circumstance and belief of our own kind. Human Rights are very powerful, for I believe they are gifted and it is gifted by our creator. For religion had a strong emphasis on human rights and to embrace and never abuse it. For injustice can lead to the idea of abusing human rights. Now some people might consider the idea of what role shall it play in our society and our beliefs in life? human rights can play an important role in our lives and ideas and skills that we must consider in our lives, such as the idea of politics or morals. it is shared through many tribes and nations in this word. the world of politics still should emphasize the importance of how it can lead it throughout many other nations and communities. The right to education, relations, freedom, etc. Freedom can be categorized into many categories such as the idea of religion and beliefs. religion and beliefs have a very strong and personal connection towards a human being. religion is beautiful and should be shared among people who consider accepting the belief and our religion as a choice rather than a misconsept. religion is served to guide humans and to show wisdom and mercy towards its servants, as t says and it is shown in the Holy Qur'an. freedom and diversity also are considered as the subcategories of human rights, Now the way freedom is defined is the belief to have a choice in everything that is perceived towards them. both choice and freedom have a very strong effect on a human if it is abused. The abuse of human rights can be discriminated against both men, women, and even children free will had been given to mankind and humanity to show and encompass the theory and belief of each other and to embrace and use it for the right cause. as if the free will has the power behind choice and freedom but only for the right cause in our lives.