Intellectual art/Automated vehicle battery exchange systems

Purpose edit

See: Hydrogen economy

Electric vehicles are more efficient than hydrogen powered vehicles. If methods can be devised in order to allow for quick charging or changing of batteries, this will allow vehicles to extend their range and therefore their practicality.

Mechanisms edit

  • Drive car into chamber, sort of like driving into a car wash
  • The car sits on an adjustable plate that can rotate and move the car side to side and forward and backwards
  • Lasers, image processing software, rfid or other wireless communications, or manual human entrance informs the system of the make and therefore size and dimensions of the car
  • Lasers aligns the car so that the batteries can be exchanged without damage to the system or vehicle
  • Depleted battery is removed using robotic components and automatically moved to charging area
  • Newly charged battery is placed into battery