Institutional ethnography

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Institutional ethnography is a research method that emphasizes the study of the social organization of everyday life. This project involves extensive observation of social settings and writing about experiences and events in such.

Institutional ethnography was developed by the Canadian Sociologist Dorothy Smith. This project is based on Smith's writings and Mapping Social Relations by Campbell and Gregor.

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This learning project offers learnings activities to explore the practice of institutional ethnography. After doing these activities, the learner should have started to develop the ability to:

  • take field notes
  • identify ones social location in relation to various social contexts
  • analyze problems that arise in everyday life
  • analyze social groups and processes sociologically
  • organize an ethnography research project

Concepts to learn include: /concepts

Activities edit

  • Activity 1. Observe how collaborations develop at Wikiversity. Create some wiki pages that promote collaborative learning.
  • Activity 2.
  • etc.

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Each activity has a suggested associated background reading selection.

  • Reading 1.
  • ect.

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