Innovation and Entrepreneurship/Online Interest Groups

Links to online interest groups/Social Media groups/Angel Investor groups for entrepreneurs

1. London Women Mean Business – LinkedIn group

London Women Mean Business is a ‎networking group managed by Business Link in London. Use the group to network, access ‎free business support, find out about free events, and ask questions about all aspects of ‎running a small or medium sized business in London. Exclusive invites to women-only events ‎and access to free guides and information.‎

2. UnLtdWorld – Social Network for Entrepreneurs

UnLtdWorld is a open platform social ‎network aimed at connecting social entrepreneurs, social innovators and socially-minded ‎people. It allows entrepreneurs to build a personal business community, make connections, ‎collaborate and network to make new contacts. It also helps to promote buisness, get business ‎insights and find resources, toolkits and guides.‎

‎3. European Entrepreneurship & Innovation @ Silicon Valley‎

This LinkedIn‎ and Facebook group serves ‎Europeans, Americans and other entrepreneurs, venture investors, universities, corporations, ‎technology transfer offices, innovation professionals, service providers, academics and policy ‎makers with an interest in European technology entrepreneurship and innovation, practised in ‎Silicon Valley, northern California and/or Europe. Europe includes those countries from ‎Ireland to Russia, and from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.‎