Innovation and Entrepreneurship/Links

Links to online interest groups on Web 2.0 and Social Media tools

1. Social Media group in Cloudworks

This cloudworks link connects to exemplary groups collaborating to learn and share ideas and ‎experiences in using the Web2.0 tools, social media tools and e-learning technologies. A must see ‎site for educators interested in Web 2.0 tools for ‎teaching.

‎2. Educator 2.0‎

Educator 2.0 is a free social knowledge network for ‎everyone who uses the web to educate people. In this group innovative educators share their ‎knowledge with one another. Classes are held in live online classrooms and can be created by ‎everyone in the community. This is an excellent group to teach and study about the newest ‎technologies and techniques in online education.‎