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This section connects the users of this portal to the extremely creative educators ‎in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Their contributions on the ‎creative techniques that they have designed and recommend is shared here for ‎educational and non-commercial use. Educators all around the globe are ‎welcome to be a part of this creative group and encouraged to share their ‎creative teaching techniques, recommended readings, favorite educational ‎games etc, in this section.

Peter Kelly

Dr Peter Kelly edit

Senior Lecturer, School of Science, Aalto University MBA (University of Notre Dame USA), PhD (London Business School UK)‎

Peter Kelly is an award winning entrepreneurship educator and practitioner. He ‎obtained is PhD in Entrepreneurship from London Business School (UK) and an ‎MBA from the University of Notre Dame (USA). Over the past 15 years, he has ‎worked with entrepreneurs in Finland, Sweden, UK, Portugal, Russia, Latvia, ‎Estonia, Norway, Switzerland, and Canada. Since arriving in Finland in 1998, ‎Peter has been the driving force behind entrepreneurship education at Aalto ‎University heading up the Helsinki School of Creative Entrepreneurship, an ‎initiative that involved all the Schools and the largest private donor to Aalto ‎University. During 2010, he held an appointment as Professor of Practice at the ‎School of Art & Design where he developed a rapid opportunity prototyping ‎course to explore the intersection between the disciplines of design and ‎entrepreneurship. Dr Kelly was directly involved in the creation of Europe’s ‎first university pre-seed fund and an associated angel network. He is also a ‎business angel.‎

Peter Kelly's Creative Techniques edit

Peter Kelly’s creative exercises focus on generating ideas, team building, creating novelty, ‎and handling surprise by exploring how to make something memorable from a fixed set of ‎inputs in a fun way.‎

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