Innovation and Entrepreneurship/Case Examples

Case examples for using Social Media for teaching Innovation & Entrepreneurship

1. Second Life to teach Entrepreneurship

An interesting article on using Second Life to teach entrepreneurship can ‎be found in this link . The article is by Howard Van ‎Auken, Iowa State University .‎

Also, follow this link to view a Slideshare presentation by Patrycja ‎Rudnicka about using Second Life to teach Entrepreneurship.‎

2. Going SOLO

Going SOLO is a curriculum ‎designed by the University of ‎Illinois Extension staff that includes ‎activities that encourage creative problem solving, ‎critical thinking, ‎and communication skills.In addition to the activities, Going SOLO ‎uses an ‎online simulation game to enhance learning.Going Solo, an article by Darlene Knipe et al., discusses the use of ‎the simulation game to teach entrepreneurship.‎

3. The Mean Business of Second Life

`The Mean Business of Second Life: Teaching Entrepreneurship, Technology and ‎e-Commerce in Immersive Environments` an ‎‎article in the ‎‎MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT) ‎describes a Masters of Business Administration elective course, in which Second Life was utilized to ‎teach strategic and managerial issues related to e-commerce. The article is authored by Brian ‎Mennecke

Create case examples

Please create case examples in this section to show the application of Web 2.0 tools and Social Media tools in teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Feel free to share your creative ways of using the web tools for the benefit of educators around the globe