Ideologies and Environmental Management Simulation

Ideologies and Environmental Management Simulation
DesignerLiza Griffin
TopicIdeologies and Environmental Management
OrganisationUniversity of Westminster
PreparationProduce briefing documents
Time20 minutes
No. of roles/playersGroups of 4-5 students
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Instructions for participantsEdit

  1. You are allocated to one of the groups below:
    1. neoliberal economists (e.g. free market adherents)
    2. reformist environmentalists (e.g. ecological modernisation)
    3. radical environmentalists (deep ecologists).
  2. Your group will have a brief to examine either energy (esp. nuclear and wind power) or transport issues in the UK. You will be given in advance of the presentation a briefing sheet, which outlines some of the most important problems associated with energy or transport. You will also be expected to do some of your own research into these problems.
  3. YOUR AIM, as a group, is to prepare a fifteen minute presentation outlining recommendations for dealing with (mitigating and/or eventually solving) some of these problems – as many as you think it appropriate to cover in the time (depth is more desirable than breadth). Your recommendations need to be in line with the ideas and perspectives of your allotted group’s ideology. (You may not personally believe in what you are advocating, but you must imagine that you do!).
  4. You must also be prepared for five additional minutes of searching questions from the audience (which comprises the members of the other groups. Hence you need to be prepared with adequate explanations of your recommendations. The degree to which you satisfactorily deal with these questions will be taken into account in the assessment. (Therefore you may want to do some research into the other ideologies.)


Once the precise topic has been identified, each group will need a briefing sheet outlining the problem and the views of the group they will be role-playing. See Red Herrings for a similar model.