Ideas in Geometry

This learning project is meant to be an aid for teachers and students of a college mathematics course using the text "Ideas in Geometry". This text, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, is freely available its University of Illinois course website. Ideas in Geometry includes a few of the topics found in standard Euclidean Geometry, however it mostly covers slightly more advanced geometric topics, as well as topics in probability, logic, and other mathematical areas. The goal is not so much to teach proficiency in common geometric procedures, but rather to convey the spirit of mathematics.

The project will break down the topics of this text into amounts suitable for a single hour class. Each of these lessons will be treated by a student in the Fall 2010 semester of this course at Illinois. Students will also use some of the problems from the book as instructive examples to accompany the lessons.

Math 119

Lessons edit

Instructive Examples edit

A series of communication problems explained by MATH 119 student groups.