Human physiology

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This Human physiology "link-book" provides links to Wikiversity topics and Wikipedia articles about the basics of physiology. The idea with it is that there already is lots of information on physiology on Wikipedia, constantly being edited, updated and improved. This page gathers just the articles needed to get the basics of physiology in one single place.

Notices edit

  • Clicking around on links gives you supplementary information, but is not required for the basic knowledge. Rather, it could be misleading and delaying the progress of reading the book. Thus, use them only as far as that you understand what they mean in the primary text. However, by moderately clicking on related links, you can turn this basic physiology book into a comprehensive one, deciding yourself how deep into the subject you want to go.
  • The sections describing the history of things can be omitted, because it is physiology you want to learn about, not history. The body has its functions, no matter who discovered them.
  • Just as history, sections of articles concerning animals and plants etc. can also be left out.

Introduction edit


Physiology of cells and molecules edit

To be able to describe the functions of organs, it is essential to first know about the parts forming them, i.e. cells.

w:Cell membrane

w:action potential

w:Signal transduction w:Regulation of gene expression w:neurotransmission

Cellular and molecular physiology edit

the Nervous system edit

the Respiratory system edit

w:Respiratory system

the Cardiovascular system edit

w:Circulatory system

the Urinary system edit

w:Urinary system

the Gastrointestinal system edit

w:Gastrointestinal tract

the Endocrine system edit

w:Endocrine system

the Reproductive system edit

w:Reproductive system

Male Reproductive system edit


Female Reproductive system edit