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NVivo is a proprietary desktop software package for the organization and analysis of complex non numerical unstructured data, also known as qualitative data. It is primarily used by qualitative researchers working with very rich text-based and/or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis on small or large volumes of data are required. This type of analysis can encompass academic studies, business intelligence, market research or data analysis.

The software allows users to classify, sort and arrange thousands of pieces of information; examine complex relationships in the data; and combine subtle analysis with linking, shaping, searching and modeling.

NVivo accommodates a wide range of research methods, including network and organizational analysis, action or evidence-based research, discourse analysis, grounded theory, conversation analysis, ethnography, literature reviews, phenomenology and mixed methods research. It is taught to students in social science university degree programs around the world and is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Japanese user interfaces and supports documents in all languages.

The current release of this software is NVivo 9 and it was released in October 2010. The software is certified for use with Microsoft's Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems.

To find out more about what NVivo does, watch the video on the NVivo home page.

NVivo highlightsEdit

  • Import, sort and analyze audio files, videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, spreadsheets, rich text and plain text documents.
  • Work with transcripts or work without them, analyzing material straight from audio and video files. Or create transcripts or text files in the software as you go.
  • Customize its easy to learn interface. It's been designed using Microsoft guidelines.
  • Import and code documents, including those that contain tables and images.
  • Work with material in any language and choose to work with an English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese or Japanese user interface.
  • Query your data with a powerful state-of-the-art search engine.
  • Graphically display project information, connections and findings in real time using models and charts.
  • Share files and findings, including audio, video or sections of documents with clients or colleagues who don't have NVivo, using HTML web pages.
  • Merge separate projects and still identify which work was completed by which person, as well as view the notes and analysis completed by each team member.
  • Explore your data with confidence using the multi-level 'undo' functionality.

Tutorials on how to use NVivoEdit

The developers of NVivo have created Flash based tutorials for new users to aid in learning how to use the software.

Tutorials are available on the QSR International website and can be downloaded for free, along with 30 day trial copies of NVivo software. They have been designed to let you work at your own pace. You can pause, skip or repeat sections of the tutorial using the buttons at the bottom of the tutorial screen.

NVivo 9 Tutorials

  • Tutorial 1: Get up and running with NVivo 9
  • Tutorial 2: What's new in NVivo 9
  • Tutorial 3: Work with survey results
  • Tutorial 4: Work with audio, video and images

NVivo 8 Tutorials

  • Tutorial 1: Introduction to NVivo (20 minutes)
  • Tutorial 2: Setting up your project in NVivo (30 minutes)
  • Tutorial 3: Classifying your material into themes (30 minutes)
  • Tutorial 4: Capturing ideas and linking material (45 minutes)
  • Tutorial 5: Working in a team (24 minutes)
  • Tutorial 6: Exploring and visualizing your information (30 minutes)
  • Tutorial 7: Sharing your material and findings (28 minutes)


  • Single licenses: Use one copy of the software for as long as you want.
  • Multiple licenses: Buy three or more licenses to be eligible for a volume discount.
  • Student licenses: A discount exclusively for full time students that provides access to the software for a six month or twelve month period.
  • Site licenses: A cost effective and flexible alternative to paying a one-off license fee.

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