How to make a test protocol for ATX power supplies

1. Get a small power resistor( 1 ohm preferred)
2. Do not trust on the amount of resistance which is shown on the power resistor. Measure its resistance by a multimeter.
As you see, on the power resistor is shown 0.5 ohm; however, it is actually 1.7 ohm.
3. Connect one of the resistor's legs to 3.3 volt binding post.
4. Connect the other leg of the resistor to the red lead of a multimeter, and put the red lead into the 10ADC jack,the topmost jack. And put its selector on 10A.
5. Plug in the power supply and record the current shown on the multimeter.
6. Change the binding post to 5 volt.
7. Repeat step 6 for 12 volt binding post.
8. Make a table and put the records on it

ATX Power Supply Test Protocol

Resistance(Ω) Voltage (volt) Current (Amp)
1.7Ω 3.3 v 2.36 amp
1.7Ω 5 v 3.84 amp
1.7Ω 12 v 13.07 amp