How to learn - asking questions finding answers

This is a learning activity for individuals or groups of people 13 years and over.

You will practice:

  1. posing a question to a question and answer forum space,
  2. extracting phrases and key words for cross checking with other sources
  3. documenting your work for review and assessment

You will need some computing and Internet ability, namely: using a keyboard; using a web browser such as clicking links, filling in online forms, creating user accounts with online services, and navigating multiple web pages; and being able to creating links to other web pages (see resources below).

You will need at least 1 hour to complete this activity.


What to doEdit

Yahoo! AnswersEdit

5 minutes - Create an account with Yahoo Answers (write down your user name and password)

5 minutes - Submit your question to Yahoo Answers. While you wait for answers spend some time editing your profile


10 minutes - Create your own blog on Blogger (write down your user name and password, as well as the web address for your blog, e.g.

20 minutes - Copy your question into your first blog post, and include copies of the best answers you have received so far. Include a link to your question page on Yahoo Answers

Cross referencingEdit

20 minutes - Cross check those answers by finding information that verifies what is said.


Search for Wikipedia articles relating to your question and answers, being sure to look at the discussion pages to see if there is any dispute, and refer to the sections in the articles called "see also" and "external links". Include links on your blog to articles and links you find that either support, confirm or contradict the answers you are verifying.


Search Youtube based on words and phrases you have piced up about your question and answer so far. Include a link to your search result in your blog. Try to find one informative video related to your question and/or answers. Be sure to check the comments and related videos sections of the Youtube clips you find. Include a link in your blog to the best video you find.


Search based on keywords you should now have worked out about your question and answers. Include a link to your search result on your blog. Briefly survey the items in your search, and link to things of interest in your blog.


Finally, do keyword searches on Twitter for any quick and up to the minute information relating to your question and answers. Include links to useful things you find in Twitter

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