How to deal with complex problems?

Examples of complex problems:

  • Is there a Global Climate Change or not?
  • Something is referred to as a Conspiracy, is this true or not? How to make up your mind? Who to believe? Is the question correct?

Fortunately, dealing with complex problems is well known in science. It is studied and documented, and in case you are confronted with such a problem, drafting following table may proof to be very useful. I have filled-out one on w:Agenda 21 and one is about Climate Change for you to fill out and to verify on how a friend of mine has filled-it out further.

Decision Table: Agenda21 is a conspiracy or no? Consequences ? Conspiracy: Yes Conspiracy: No
Action: Yes - What are the results ? Result: It's a conspiracy and we take successfull action exposing it is a conspiracy. Ouf, we prevented billions of € to be deviated and fall into the hands of crooks, and we prevented from being let into a form of unconsciount slavery for ourselves and our children. We continue living our lives in a fossile fuel based economy and keep on expanding and promoting our life style world wide, our planet knows no limits, there is no Global Climate Destabilisation, fossile fuels are endless, putting large amounts of CO2e in the atmosphere is not harmfull at all, somehow this gets absorbed by the planets ecosystem or so, there is also e.g. nuclear material in endless supply if we really need to get away from burning coal/fossile fuels... we have enough back-up plans/alternatives ... humans are smart enough and we have time enough to act. as we know it and continuing on that road. So, Agenda21 is not a conspiracy after all. The Agenda21 Action Plan is really made by the best of humanity: the best scientists, supported and confirmed by their scientific federations, the best of the "People", i.e. Grassroot Organisations have sent their smartest and best to collaborate in drafting a rescue plan, so the the formal best of the "People", i.e. the best of the politicians, elected by "the people"... If everybody implements this Agenda21 Plan of Action in their own Plans of Actions / Strategical Plans / Mission Statements ... humanity has the best chance to make it beyond the year 2100, we'll have come to terms with an eventual and Life-threatening Global Climate Destabilisation and we have moved our economies away from a 65 Trillion $ fossile based economy via a complete overhaul affecting some 45 Trillion $ part of that 65 Trillion $ economy into a sustainable economy, there is no more need to protect oil fields as we all produce our own energy with renewable energy technologies, there is no severe increase in surface of the seas, no increased desertification beyond imagination, etc. A sustainable and equitable economy and world for all people and life to live in... Ecotopia has become reality.
Action: No row 2, cell 2: It's a conspiracy and we don't do anything: Disaster: we're all in slavery... and we didn't do anything when there was time... also our kids are born in slavery... an elite has all the wealth and we're like chickens, cows and pigs in industrial farms. row 2, cell 3:It's not a conspiracy, but we didn't do anything either: Disaster again ... Get rid of that boring Agenda21 calling for action and change... stay in front of the television... whilst desert storms, tyfoons, increase of water levels decimate populations all over the world... just a matter of time untill you and your offspring gets affected and eventually killed too ... either by natural disasters, or by groups of eco-catastrophy-refugees coming to pillage your food- and energy supplies: think Mad-Max world by Tina Turner and Mell Gibson.

You can find more on this table at the discussion page on Agenda 21 - Discussion page... it might later be added to the Article on Agenda 21 itself.

Decision Table: Is there a Global Climate Change? Consequences ? Yes No
Action: Yes - What are the results ? Result: Result:
Action: No Result: Result:

Here's how a specialist on the topic dealth with it: --SvenAERTS 23:18, 4 October 2009 (UTC)