How to Build a Clay Igloo

How to Build a Clay IglooEdit

  • Dimensions should be 2.0 cm high and 7.0 cm length long for each base
  • Each block's dimensions should be 7 x 2 x 1.5 (length x width x height) cm^3
  • To create this very igloo, sticks are not necessarily needed. However, it is preferable to have a visual presentation to show the layers' 'bent' trapezoidal shape where they lead directly toward the center of the igloo
  • Sticks are pre-measured before being attached to the designated position. This method allows easier calculation for angles of increasing ramp which will be explained in the How to Present Igloo Mathematically


The Base Layer

The Following Layers to Rooftop:

The Clay Igloo Model: (Showcase of this igloo)