Homeschooling/California/Fresno County

There is an active homeschooling community in Fresno County.

Events and Activities edit

From time to time, families in the area will organize informal activities. These are frequently announced in the various support groups (see below).

  • Park Days. Families week meet at area parks regularly throughout the week. Anyone is welcome to attend, although certain groups may focus on specific age groups or locations.
  • Family nights. In 2015, several Fresno County homeschoolers organized a family-to-family picnic, which included a used curriculum sale and information session. These events have continued to be offered in the spring and late summer in 2016. They are announced in the area support groups (see below) and by word-of-mouth.

Peer-to-Peer Local Support groups edit

  • For Mountain or Valley area homeschoolers (Christian Homeschoolers of the Central Valley)[1]
  • Field trips for local homeschoolers [2]
  • This is a secular group for the Fresno and Madera County areas [3]

Learning cooperatives edit

Cooperatives for homeschoolers are groups of families that provide a variety of learning or social opportunities.

  • Fresno/Clovis area co-op (Sierra Co-op) [4]
  • Fresno area co-op (Synergy Homeschool Co-op) [5]
  • Fresno area Christian co-op (CHEFA) [6]
  • Lighthouse Christian School

References edit