Historical Introduction to Philosophy/Hume Scratch Page

Historical Introduction to Philosophy David Hume has been at times considered the last of the great British "empiricists" he has also been regarded as a great historian and essayists. Hume wrote on many topics, including; Personal Identity, Religion Some of Hume's major philosophical works include:

A Treatise of Human Nature 1739-1740

Enquiries Considering Human Understanding 1748

Inquiry concerning the Principles of Morals 1751

Dialogues 1779

Four Dissertations 1757

Even today, these works remain extremely influential, despite the denouncment my many of his contemporaries, some labeling them works of athiesm and scepticism. Some of the people that Hume's writings have influenced have been Immanuel Kant, and in the moral philosophy and writings on economics written by Adam Smith, who was also a close friend of Hume's, he also had a great influence on Jeremy Bentham and even Chareles Darwin who at times considered him to be a central influence on his writings. These writers took very different directions in their writings, but all of them with their writing reflect the wide range of Hume's empiricism.