Heresy and the Church in the Mediterranean world

This resource will identify and study sources on heretics and inquisitors in the Mediterranean world, and will provide opportunity for discussion. We will create subpages on notable individual heretics and Church personalities, taking as a starting place the page list for The primary subpages we create should be written like encyclopedia articles, reliably sourced and neutral. Additional material may be added as subpages underneath these, if appropriate, such as original research not reliably published. Pending the creation of pages in English here or elsewhere, we may cite and study sources in Italian, subject to permissions (i.e, copyright), or link to other sources as needed.

Should unresolved conflict appear on the primary subpages, we may fork them, arranging the forks as attributed essays or draft articles underneath the primary subpage.

Discussion should take place on attached Talk pages.

List of pages edit

As this may be large, subpages will be linked from the List subpage.

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