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i'm quite sceptical about the role of article-like lectures here on Wikiversity. When can an article-like page be more pedagogical and attract a sufficient number of editors that it becomes more useful to students than the corresponding Wikipedia (or Wikibook) pages? In SR and GR, we have these lectures:

i didn't want to compete with existing material, so it took me some time to realise how these should be classified and placed in the Topic:special relativity and Topic:general relativity, and in what way my own contributions (a course, which contains lectures in non-article format + exercises) would be complementary.

The reality on Wikipedia for physics/mathematics subjects is that even though in principle, Wikipedia is supposed to be "encyclopedic and not pedagogical", in practice the culture for physics/mathematics subjects is that the pedagogical quality is often quite high. My guess is that for a physics/maths course here on Wikiversity, the first question before contributing material should be: am i contributing something which is not already present or better done on the Wikipedia or on Wikibooks?

Someone with web access can use web resources and local software (octave, maxima) to learn much more efficiently than by reading serially through a text. Boud 09:48, 29 June 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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