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The edit toolbar

Wikiversity edit toolbar.
  • When you edit pages there is an edit toolbar at the top of the edit window. The toolbar provides one-click access to 14 common editing tasks such as creating bold text.
  • If you are new to wiki, just type and add plain text. Your knowledge and ideas are the most important contribution to Wikiversity. Other Wikiversity participants will help to format your text. In fact, since this is a wiki, you should expect all of your contributions to be altered and improved by others!
  • For more advanced information about editing wiki pages, such as creating hypertext links, see Introduction to Wikiversity (for new wiki participants) and Editing help (for more advanced participants).

Start a new Wikiversity webpage

One way to create a new page is by typing its name into a web browser.
  • An easy way to create a new Wikiversity page is to think of a descriptive name for a topic and then type it into the window of your web browser that shows page URLs. Just add the new page name after, and hit your enter or return key.
  • Additional help is available about creating new pages.
If the page name doesn't exist, you will be prompted to edit the page and create it!

If your "new" page already exists

  • If the page name you select is already in use you will be shown the existing page.
  • It is good practice to use "search" before creating a new page. You may find that there is already an existing page about the topic you are interested in.

What to say on your new page

  • Wikiversity accepts educational content. Just start typing!
  • For additional information see Adding content.
  • Experiment with editing in the Sandbox
The newcomers' tour (Navigation)
Tip: Only click links inside this green box whilst on tour!