Health informatics

Health Informatics

Health Informatics is concerned with the collection, storage, manipulation and transmission of medical and health data in order to produce information and knowledge which leads to improved health care for all sectors of society. Health Informatics necessarily involves:

  • an understanding of how computer systems work and what they are capable of,
  • an appreciation of how individuals and organizations “know” things, and
  • an understanding of information systems, as health care is often provided by large organizations.

To become familiar with health informatics, it is useful to have experience with Health Datasets.

Resources Edit

Health Informatics World Wide - a comprehensive index of Health Informatics/Medical Informatics resources.
University of Otago: Dept. of Health Informatics - a multi-disciplinary post-graduate teaching and research program.
Essential Information Management Skills – a small sample from the University of Otago’s Health Informatics Introductory Course.