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Welcome to the learning project on The Universal Law of Happiness!

Hooshang Haghbin: Briggsstreetcafe@me.com

Breaking News: GOD IS BACK, physics is dying, BUT THERE IS HOPE. 12/03/2021

Content summary edit

This project is to study the science, and the nature of happiness, and to discuss means of achieving it. We try to introduce and quantify the parameters of constraints that lead to emotions using scientific approach.

Elementry particles have Primitive intelligence. Advanced complex systems have advanced intelligence. Reality is MATTER; Truth is the LAW; Dynamic space-time is the ENVIORNMENT. Spectrum of consciousness is the allowed solution of the LAW. MATTER (existence) picks one of the eigenstates of the LAW subject to the constraints imposed by the ENVIORNMENT in which the MATTER is living.

Goals edit

In this learning project we aim to advance the science of achieving a happy life. We try to establish the fact that Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are not weird or contradictory. We have assumed the ground state of consciousness starts at vegetation which is most probably wrong. THE Most elementary matter enjoys the most elementary intelligence if it’s subject to the simplest boundary conditions; namely living in “no boundary”. This represents a FREE elementary particle. THE Most complex system living in the most complicated environment enjoys most intelligence. It is logical to assume the upper limit of intelligence is INFINITE. But the intelligence has a nonzero lower bound.

ZERO intelligence means nonexistence.

Flat space-time is the ground state of the dynamical space-time. This ground state is the most primitive existence. Is this the state of Higgs field only? Or is the state of free massless unique elementary particles with no physical property? Or both? Is the Higgs field really the field of massless elementary particles with no physical properties?

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