Ground Motion Service

Ground Motion Service is based on Satellite based information and its application on interferometry[1]. This allows to provide a service for sub millimeter measurements ground level rise of decline[2].

Status of Learning ResourceEdit

pre-alpha-Version started at the UN-SPIDER event on "International Cooperation Towards Low-Emission abd Resilient Society".

Areas of ApplicationEdit

  • rise of ground level due to use of geothermic energy.
  • decline of ground level due to mining activity
  • shift of digital elevation model due to earth quakes or vulcanic activities (e.g. relevant for early warning or Risk Management).

Learning TaskEdit

Diagram showing the sea level rise
  • Identify costal areas in which the ground level declines.
  • Identify the causes for the decline of the decline of ground level
    • Mining,
    • Erosion,
    • Exploitation of ground water resources,
    • ...
  • Analyse the consequences of sea level rise due to Climate Change and decribe the consequences of densely populated costal regions.


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